Rendering of the New Skilled Nursing Facility

Together We Can Complete the Dream

Phil and Tucker Adams
Marsha Alstot
Don Anderson and Nita Whaley
Lincoln and Sheila Anderson
Dr. Ted and Dee Angus
Anonymous (12)
The Aragona Family
Berkley and Suzanne Baker
Dr. Lois Barnes and Steven Jung
Gary and Kate Barnhart
Dr. Todd and Alicia Beaty
Shed and June Behar
Dr. Erik Beukenkamp
Bob and Judy Billett
Bliss – Gilbert Family
Gayle Blue
Bethany Bode
Peter and Barbara Bonsignori
Carolyn Bowman
Priscilla Brennan
Dr. Bruce Brockman and Dr. Bridget Tsao
The Broida Family
William Brothers and Susie Ault
David Brown and Anne Littler-Brown
Dr. Robert Buckingham
Gene and Dianne Bullard
Thelma Burman
Cindy Pitou Burton
Peter and Cindy Cantle
Susan Capper
Scott Carson
Carol and David Castanon
Otis and Bettina Chandler
Wesley Chapin
Gary Chase
Simon and Leslie Chatwin
Wendy Christy
Claire Clark
Dr. Gordon and Kristen Clawson
Dwight and Judy Clements
Don and Sheila Cluff
Dottie and James Combs
Dr. Carl Constantine
Peter and Ann Costigan
Mike and Jody Cromer
Tom and Dorothy Crossman
John and Mary Cuthbert
Dr. Scott and Pat Davis
Robert and Greta Davis
Megan Davis
Anthony and Roslyn Demaria
Dr. Mary Dial and Dr. Lanyard Dial
Roger and Susan Dickens
Vincent Diglio
Benny and Cathy Dominguez
Mike and Barbara Donohue
Jude Dumas and Dennis Copas
Gerald Duncan
Craig and Deborah Edwards
Don and Cheree Edwards
Dr. William and Norma Ekman
Carl and Barbara Enson
Jeanne Erickson
Bill and Karen Evenden
Ted and Lore Exner
Gary and Brenda Farr
Dr. Fred and Shirle Fauvre
Kenneth and Louanne Fay
John Fay
Dr. Frank and Maudette Finck
Larry and Kathie Fisher
Boyd and Gwen Ford
William and Mary Anne Fowler
James and Shannon Frew
The Gables of Ojai
David and Cindy Garber
Ann Gartrell
Carol Garramone
Anthony and Kathan Glassman
Byron and Cynthia Grant
Valerie and Alan Greenberg
Roderick and Joyce Greene
Nancy Grevich
Joel and Bonnie Griffin
Greg and Mechas Grinnell
Dr. Carl and Donna Gross
Charles and Joan Grove
Andrew and Judith Gustafson
Dr. James and Robyn Halverson
Dr. Maria Halvorson and Dr. Kooros Samadzadeh
The Hammond Family
Dr. Kenneth and Charlene Hartenstein
Herb Hemming and Edmund Andreas
Helen Henrickson
Gary Heuer and Debra Wilson
Dr. Anthony and Barbara Hirsch
Esther Holland
Sue Horgan
Carolyn Huntsinger
Marion Inchaustegui
Betty Iwerks
Colleen Jennings
Philip Jevanian
Rick Johnson
Rick and Allison Johnson
Jerve M. Jones Family
Margaret Kaufman
Bill and Elise Kearney
Joan Kemper
Marc and Jan Key
Jean Kilmurray MacCalla
Baruska Knight
Tom and Cathryn Krause
Edward and Barbara Kutchma
James and Bonnie Landsman
Carol Langford
Severo Lara
Lisa Larramendy and Larry Rose
Pauline Larwood
Haady and Anita Lashkari
Don and Linda Law
Troy Lawson
Catherine Lee
Karen and Craig Lewis
Lifeline Medical Transport
Livingston Memorial Foundation
The Loebl Family
Dr. Yasha Long and Dr. Juula Ramon Long
Darylyn Long

Sharylyn Long
Keith and Betty Loomis
Dr. Brigitte Lovell
Mike Lurie and Nancy Kochevar
Ted and Pauline Malos
Jacqueline Marks
Celeste Matesevac and Marcia Doty
Dana Mathews
Sally Matteson and David Korse
Richard and Joanne McFerron
Medical Staff of Ojai Valley Community Hospital
Joni Medina
George and Peggy Melton
David and Aimee Mendoza
Dr. Fredrick and Margaret Menninger
Pete and Sally Merrill
Stephen and Colette Miller
Heather Miller
Allison Monahan
Charles and Theresa Montag
Montecito Bank & Trust
Eric Moore
Charles and Karen Moore
Daniel Moses
Dr. Douglas and Donna Nelson
Dr. Viktoriya and Jeff Nelson
Jay Nicholas and Janis Nicholas
Charles and Nancy Nordstrom
Judy and Bill Norris
Niels and Robin Nyborg
The Oaks at Ojai
Tom and Yvonne Odle
Ojai Civic Association
Ojai Community Bank
Ojai Valley Community Hospital Foundation
Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
Harry and Ann Oppenheimer
Christine and Roland Ouellette
Shirley Palmer
Douglas and Angela Parker
Roger Beerworth and Barbara Parsons
Dr. Elizabeth Patterson and Dr. Al Stroberg
Claire Paulson
Fran and John Pavelko
The Peakes Family
William and Laura Peck
Dr. Roger and Marcia Phelps
Ron and Linda Phillips
James and Deborah Pio
Ron and Judi Polito
Dr. Martin and Barbara Pops
Hollie Priddy
Alan and Jan Rains
Dellanise Ramirez
David and Debbie Ramsey
Dr. Lakshman Rasiah and Dr. Kirupa Rasiah
Dr. Robert and Alice Rene
Lois Rice and Family
Joan Robles
Chris Rock
Robert Roddick
Fausto Rodriguez
Judy Ross
Rotary Club of Ojai West Foundation
Fred and Ila Rothenberg
Walter and Christine Rowe
Royal Cleaners, Inc.
John and Peggy Russell
Joan Samara
Don and Ann Scanlin
Dietrich and Valerie Schmidt
Mary and Tony Schmitz
Lucianne Schultz
The Scott – Natwick Family
Scout Fund
James Seebirt
Bill and Jill Shanbrom
Susan Shates
Larry and Margaret Shellnut
Joseph Signorino Jr.
In Memory of Richard and Joan Sisemore
Dr. Robert and Louine Skankey
Dr. John Slaght
Teresa and Dok Smith
Jessica Smith
Charlie and Barbara Snyder
Robert and Kathryn Soares
Dr. Daniel and Edie Sommer
Paula Spellman
Barbara Sunderland
Swift Memorial Healthcare Foundation
Michael and Erika Swimmer
Aryna Swope and Phil Caruthers
Robert Tallyn
Jonathan Teichert
Dr. John and Caroline Thacher
Tony and Anne Thacher
Robert and Valerie Tholl
Malcolm and Samantha Toller
Karen Traudt
Connie Tripe
David and Mary Trudeau
Bruce and Julie Tumamait-Stenslie
The Vazquez Family
Adria Venegas
Jakob and Marianne Vos
Thomas and Esther Wachtell
Adelfa Wagner
Phillip and Judy Walker
Betsy Watson
Barry and Paula Wayne
Edward and Marguerite Webster
Alberta Weingart
Richard and Jane Weirick
Allan and Joyce West
Jeff and Christina Westgate
Phil and Suzanne White
Bonnie Wickersham
Larry and Katharine Wilde
Huora Williams
In Memory of John and Ginger Wilson
Scott and Dr. Rochelle Wilson
Ron Wilson
Tim and Terri Wolfe
Stacey Woodcock
Roy and Janet Worsham
Kenneth and Soni Wright
Ward and Margaret Wright
William and Karen Wu