Rendering of the New Skilled Nursing Facility

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Few of us realize how rare it is for a community of our size to have its own hospital, with a vital emergency department, inpatient care, outpatient services – and, most uniquely, a skilled nursing facility (Continuing Care Center). The presence of our hospital and our skilled nursing facility, the Continuing Care Center (CCC), supports our personal health and the quality of life we enjoy.

Significant and visible changes have already been made to the Ojai Valley Community Hospital. However, the truly remarkable change to come is the construction of an entirely new skilled nursing facility on property immediately behind the existing outdated facility that needs to be replaced. And we need your help to accomplish this.

As residents of the Ojai community, we are the “owners” of this hospital, a not-for-profit community hospital. As owners, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our hospital has the support and resources to continue as a vital community asset now and in the future.

Barbara Pops
Capital Campaign Chair

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