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What is the “Continuing Care Center?”
The Continuing Care Center at Ojai Valley Community Hospital (OVCH) is a skilled nursing facility. The “CCC,” as it is often called, is a type of nursing home that addresses rehabilitation and long term health care needs of individuals. A short term, rehabilitation patient may be someone who has had a hip replacement and might progress better if they stay in one facility and get physical therapy rather than coming in several times a week for treatments. Longer term patients are those who, because of their diagnoses, may stay in the CCC for months, years, or to the end of their lives.
Why is the Continuing Care Center important to the Ojai community?
  • OVCH’s CCC is the only skilled nursing facility in the Valley that is associated with a hospital, which makes our CCC able to accept patients who require a higher level of care due to their condition.
  • It is extremely rare for residents of a rural community to have a full-service acute care hospital and skilled nursing facility where they live.
  • The CCC staff provides patients with nationally-recognized excellent care. In 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid evaluated our Skilled Nursing Facility for its quality outcomes and awarded the Ojai Valley Community Hospital’s Continuing Care Center a 5-star rating—the highest possible. Although this wasn’t a surprise to anyone who works there, it was rewarding to know that an outside evaluation confirmed our experience—and that of our patients.
  • Residents of the Ojai Valley are able to access the CCC’s high quality of care so close to home, enabling them to visit their loved ones or receive care themselves without having to leave the Valley.
  • The CCC has 66 beds and is consistently at near 100% occupancy. Revenue from this facility makes it possible for OVCH’s inpatient hospital, Emergency Department and outpatient services to continue to be available to the Ojai community.
Q: Why are we building a new Continuing Care Center?
The current CCC is an aging structure. It was built more than 50 years ago. It’s difficult to find replacement parts for a 50-year old building. The population’s aging and the demand for rehabilitation and long term care will only grow. With a new facility that offers 75 beds, care can be delivered to more people, in a modern facility that enhances care and in a more efficient, healing environment.
Q: What are the Key Features of the New CCC?
  • Built on land directly behind the current CCC
  • 75 Beds: 7 private rooms and 34 2-bed rooms
  • Spacious lobby and dining room
  • Private admitting area
  • Enlarged Physical Therapy Department for treatment indoors and outdoors
  • Landscaping surrounding the facility to enhance the healing environment.
  • Rooms arranged in “Wings” of 15, 21 or 24 beds each.
  • As much as possible, short term patients will be in separate wings from longer-term patients
  • Each room will have its own toilet and shower.
Q: How does the new CCC differ from the current CCC in size?
Patient Beds 66 75
Nursing and Support 1,580 sf 4,797 sf
Dietary Support 1,711 sf 2,781 sf
Physical Therapy 375 sf 2,437 sf
Total Building Area 18,165 sf 41,934 sf
Activity/Courtyard Areas 1,666 sf 12,661 sf
Q: What will happen to the current CCC when the new one opens?
The current facility will be demolished and the area will become a parking lot for the new CCC.
Q: What is the cost of the new CCC and how will it be financed?

Construction of the new CCC represents the final of a three-phase project to improve OVCH and its CCC.  Phase 1 addressed required seismic upgrades to OVCH (air conditioning, roof replacement).  In Phase 2, the hospital was renovated to improve the entry (make it ADA compliant); remodel the lobby waiting area; provide a private admitting area; and modify the façade to allow it more compatible with Ojai architecture.  Phases 1 and 2 were paid for in whole by the Community Memorial Health System.

Phase 3 is the construction of the new Continuing Care Center.  The total cost of this project is $17 million.  Of that figure, the System will invest $11.3 million and the Ojai community is being invited to participate in a $5.7 million philanthropic campaign.

2014 Hospital Seismic Upgrade
2015 Hospital Renovation
2016- 2018 New CCC
$11.3M $5.7M
Q: When did construction begin and when will the new CCC be completed?
A groundbreaking ceremony for the new CCC was held in August 2016. It is anticipated that the new structure will be complete in or before February 2018.
Q: Are naming opportunities available in the new CCC?
Internal and external (landscaped) areas of the new CCC have been identified as appropriate spaces for naming. Pledges can be made and paid out over a period of 5 years. A gift of $10,000 or more will qualify the donor for a naming opportunity. Your tax-deductible contribution to the Campaign to build the new CCC can be recognized in your name, your family’s name, in memory of or in honor of a family member, a special person or your company.
Q: How do I find out more about the project and the campaign?
Watch for project and campaign updates on this website. If you have questions or need specific information, you can contact Chris Rock at the OVCH Foundation office at 805-640-2317 or email her at .